Tarot Readings

I began reading Tarot Cards in 2012 on the 1JJ Swiss deck. As I continued walking down my spiritual path, my interest in divination grew and I branched out into its different forms of fortune-telling and spirit work. When I went off to college, I began doing readings for friends and friends of friends and grew to be the Resident Witch among my classmates. I now give daily card readings through my Instagram account and sell readings on the side.

I offer readings in-person and virtually with virtual options including a Zoom Reading and a pdf reading. The pdf format will include 1-2 pages explaining each card in the reading and its context in the spread as well as a picture of the spread itself. Virtual readings also include spirit walks to connect with your energy and provide more context for the reading.

Also, I don’t believe one’s financial status should keep them from getting help if they need it, so all of my prices are on a sliding scale basis. Feel free to contact me through my email or Instagram. If you’ve received a reading and would like to leave a review, you can do so here.