Anne Everhart Theatre Dramaturg, Playwright, cornered by stage lights. at the bottom


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In 2017, I earned my B.S. degree in Theatre at Illinois State University. Immediately following, I moved to Seattle and began my professional career where I worked as an administrator, dramaturg, and playwright. During my time here, I’ve had the pleasure of working at large houses such as the 5th Avenue Theatre as well as smaller companies like Fantastic.Z Theatre. While I work with all kinds of storytelling, my focus is queer theatre and stories.


I stumbled into dramaturgy. I took a class because my favorite teacher was going to teach it, and I couldn’t miss that. Thank goodness I didn’t because in that class I learned how to take my love of stories and go deeper. How to keep the world of the play alive and keep a play’s production honest to the play’s words. How to bring new plays to life and how a dramaturg can help a theatre company grow.

Shortly after graduating, I moved to Seattle to work as a theatre professional. I found Fantastic.Z Theatre Company and worked with them as a guest and resident dramaturg where I grew a specialty for queer and period pieces (or queer period pieces should the play cross my way). Aside from production research, I also perform talkbacks and work with playwrights devising their own work.


While I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember, I took my first playwrighting course in college. Since then, I finished my first full-length play and am currently working on several more to follow. Keep up with my work with my New Play Exchange profile.